Monday, June 29, 2009

MOBS & ALICE WONDERS : Giveaway Contest - Win a bag of your choice!

First...I want to clarify what is the best term to describe someone who love handbag so much and make it as her collection...It definitely define my mom da best....
She love handbag so much and currently i guess my mom looking forwards kind a big handbag so she can put all her belongings as well as my diapers, my clothes (I think my stuff will make my mom handbags looks big)...

So,saya nak tolong ibu saya dapat handbag free...camne nak buat. dekat ParisOut Tee Tac Tote....jadi pilihan ibu..

Ibu saya seorang yang ranggi (kunun2 la)

Ada harapan x nak dapat handbag ni?
Jom cek sket...

Want to WIN the bag of your choice??
Read more below ...

1. Leave a COMMENT here with "Me need a bag because...."
2. Choose a bag from Alice Wonders website at
3. Don't forget to include your email address

... simple 3-steps and you are in the run of winning your choice of bag !! :)
Simple right? checked

Want to DOUBLE your chances of winning?
and do a write up about the bag you want to win!!

1. Blog must link to MOBS giveaway post

2. Blog must feature their favourite bag from

3. Make sure you leave a comment here with your BLOG LINK and email as well so we know you have blogged about it and doubling your chances of winning!!-checked